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Client Vessel Equipment

Looking to order Electrify CVE™ for your vessel?  As long as your home marina offers Electrify Wi-Fi™ to boaters, you can use Electrify CVE™ to enjoy ultra-fast and ultra-reliable internet access with no additional monthly expenses.  If your marina or yacht club doesn't offer Electrify Wi-Fi™, tell them to call us toll-free at 1-800-240-5530 today since you deserve reliable, secure and professional guest high-speed internet access - not just traditional WiFi.

All Electrify CVE™ devices come preconfigured with your own wireless network name (SSID) and password.  Electrify CVE™ devices are used like an onboard modem/router combination like you would get from your traditional Internet Service Provider and are provisioned on our propreitary 5 GHz network that prioritizes network traffic providing a unique and secure network on-board your vessel allowing you to finally use low powered devices like streaming sticks, marine electronics, security systems, printers and smart home devices just like if you were at home.

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