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Data, Voice, and Wireless Infrastructure

Wide, local, and virtual area networks that transport data, voice, and video services across your enterprise.
Electrify Networks  East, LLC  engineers, deploys, optimizes, and supports wide-area networks, local area networks, and virtual local area networks that can segment network traffic, reduce network latency, increase network speed, and provide path solutions to ensure your enterprise grade network is up and running to move critical network traffic to end-users and cloud based systems.


Guest HSIA Networks

Guest high-speed internet access (GHSIA) networks for hospitality, multi-dwelling units, and public venues.
Electrify Networks East, LLC engineers, deploys, optimizes, and supports guest high-speed internet access networks for hotels, motels, resorts, apartment communities, condominiums, student housing, senior housing, airports, stadiums, and convention centers. Our guest networks meet or exceed most hospitality brand standards and offer end-users with 24/7 toll-free telephone technical support.


Marina Broadband Internet Access

Electrify WiFi for marinas, yacht clubs, yachting centers, and mooring basins.
Electrify Networks East, LLC engineers, design, deploy, optimize and support our own proprietary network topology called Electrify Wi-Fi™ that offers true high-speed marina broadband internet access for transient, seasonal, and live-aboard boaters.


Video Surveillance Systems

Network video recording surveillance systems and web cameras for your business.

Electrify Networks East, LLC has partnered with multiple video surveillance vendors that can keep an eye on your business activities to deter and capture activities that can reduce your business liability. These systems support multi-location monitoring and recording, off-site video recording and storage, live video monitoring no matter where you are in the world and the ability to utilize one or more surveillance cameras as a web camera for public viewing to drive traffic to your website or social media accounts.


Network Hardening

Our engineers and technicians can review and identify network functionality issues from router to end user.

We can quote you to have your network optimized or completely replaced from ISP handoff to end user. Telecommunications closet a mess? Many are. This is more then just ugly and can lead to functionality issues through misidentification, incorrect service handoffs causing network loops and latency, as well as much more. We can come in and simply clean up your telecommunications closet cables by having them professionally labeled, bundled, run, or even replaced during a maintenance window with minimal service interruptions. 30+ years of experience proves we do it right.


Let's Get Connected

Give us a call at 1-800-240-5530 for any and all inquires. Our team will be more than happy to answer questions and explain our variety of products.

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